Tough Mudder on hold!

So I found out last week my main support for training and during the race will not be around for training OR probably the race!

While I hate putting things on hold, when there are things out of your control it can’t be helped.

So- revamped goal of marathon training through the summer, long runs I can still get in and will get my butt to Belton’s gym to keep the rest of me strong.

Excited for the Snoqualmie 8k this weekend and to go see The Posies tomorrow in Bellingham.

Imperfect Paleo and other thoughts

So this week for Tough Mudder was fun and had great highlights!

Here is the concept of Paleo in a nutshell

I ran one day and decided to spice it up this week with a Hot Yoga class on Saturday. That class was amazing. My run on Sunday my body felt totally different. My shoulders were loose and my stride was much smoother. I ran 8 strong miles instead of the 7 I planned. It was a great workout and many thanks go to Terra Yoga in Issaquah, WA for that class. I will now be adding Hot Yoga to my routine on a regular basis.

This week will have 4 runs in it and the Mud & Chocolate race on Saturday. Looking for another good time and this one in the mud. Should be great fun.

Just fyi I stink at the Paleo diet- so I am doing what I refer to as modified Paleo- which equals Paleo all day with one “cheat” per day. So I can eat one thing a day which is off the Paleo diet. This has kept me sane, not made much difference in my weight- not that I expected it to, but it has made it easier to improve what I am eating without constantly saying No to all the bad stuff. I get to say “Yes” once a day and that seems to be fitting just great.

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Tough Mudder weeks 7&8 I got a PR in the SNOW!

Ok, the last two weeks have been putting my dedication to the test. Crazy schedules, changes, WET, COLD weather and the like!

Beauty and the Cold….we ran and ran…
Off of by Marcus74

March 12-18- Good week, got my set in on Monday, Ran on Wednesday 4+ miles, Roller Skated for 2 hours on Friday- yes you read it right- and it was a blast- made me miss competing! Followed Saturday with a PR on the 5K St Patrick’s Day run in Snoqualmie! On this run I was cold, my feet were numb for half the run, and my Ipod shut off because it got too cold- and I STILL got a PR of 27:43- Totally awesome! I was also SO proud of my eldest son for doing this run despite the snow and cold- he worked SO hard and it paid off.

Last wee- from the 19th-25th-

Did on set on Monday, Ran 4 miles and did a set on Wednesday, worked in my yard for 2 hours on Thursday and had a ROCKIN run on Sunday 6.5 miles strong and almost ran my entire hill without stopping- trust me if you saw the hill I was talking about you would be impressed!

Loving the payoff of eight weeks of steady running- spending the next two weeks doing Paleo, some fasting, and the Litvinov workout with a kettle bell- so if you see me swinging a kettle bell and then running away from it- don’t worry I will be back- again- and again -and again- so cheer me on!

SLACKER~ Almost! My Tough Mudder Week 5

So this week I was almost a total slacker! Why? Well my Sunday run last weekend with my sister-in-law in the SNOW in Birch Bay with the beginning of a cold slowed me down. I chose to take a few days off and see if my body sorted its way through the head cold- thankfully it did. With a little Arbonne Get Well Soon, sleep and good food I finally felt better by Friday- but didn’t get back to running until Saturday.

So my training for this week was pretty simple-

Strong 5-mile run on Saturday

Solid 3.6 mile run cut short by the headache induced by the guy who got on the machine next to me RIGHT after he put on his cologne! I made up for the early cut off by playing with my kids for the next hour in the pool!

Another great week, excited for more training and laughing with my kids along the way. St. Patrick’s Day Dash in Snoqualmie here I come!

My Tough Mudder Training Week #4

Hello again and here we are in week Four of my Tough Mudder Training!

Here is how the week went:

Monday- Kids had the day off so enjoyed relaxing at home!

Tuesday- Did a full round of Belton’s Medicine Ball workout.

Wednesday- Ran 3.5 miles and did set of 10 TRX pushup/mountainclimbers

Thursday- Rand 3.5 miles again and did abs.

Friday- CRAZY DAY, just did Yoga in the evening

Saturday- SO much fun, did Zumba today- that is a whole other post….

Sunday- Ran in Birch Bay, in the SNOW with my sister and sister-in-law, totally struggled today fighting a head cold and not having full lung capacity or enough clothes for running in the snow! Beautiful day though and great chance to run with family!

On to next week.

Week #3 of My Tough Mudder Training

So this week was good, and for some reason I seem to not get training done on Thursdays which has been my plan. Anyway- for accountability here we go-

Monday – Crazy day getting ready for kid’s mid-winter break.

Tuesday- Happy Valentine’s Day and ran 3 miles.

Wednesday- Crazy day and family visit so no workout

Thursday- Another family day so no workout

Friday- To the gym and ran 3.5 miles and did 1/2 a round of Belton’s workout. I ran at an 8:30 pace on the treadmill- smoking fast for me.

Saturday- Did one full round of Belton’s workout, except still can’t do the full 10 sets of TRX mountain climbers with a push up- keep dying on the push-up part.

Sunday- Ran 4 miles, it was colder than I expected and came home with numb hands. Ooof.

Overall a good week, weighed in at 154.8 at the gym, good number.