My Tough Mudder Week 6 More Struggle!

So last week was another crazy week- great on lots of fronts but my hubby was away so managing the house solo is always different and it showed up in my workouts.

Last week I..

Monday- Did a great session from Belton and got a killer workout

Tuesday- Nada!

Wednesday went to the gym, ran 3 miles and then did half of a Belton set!

Thursday- Nada!

Friday- Again- Nada!

Saturday- you guessed it Nada!

Sunday- Had my BEST 5 3/4 mile run yet! The last six weeks of building up my base in running has really started to pay off! On Saturday I am running a 5K and I am shooting for PR of under 30 minutes – if you just laughed at how slow I am – stop reading!

Anyway, I am excited, my older son is running the 5k too, my younger is doing the 1k and my amazing hubby is supporting our youngest- AWESOME- and when we are done we will get food!

SLACKER~ Almost! My Tough Mudder Week 5

So this week I was almost a total slacker! Why? Well my Sunday run last weekend with my sister-in-law in the SNOW in Birch Bay with the beginning of a cold slowed me down. I chose to take a few days off and see if my body sorted its way through the head cold- thankfully it did. With a little Arbonne Get Well Soon, sleep and good food I finally felt better by Friday- but didn’t get back to running until Saturday.

So my training for this week was pretty simple-

Strong 5-mile run on Saturday

Solid 3.6 mile run cut short by the headache induced by the guy who got on the machine next to me RIGHT after he put on his cologne! I made up for the early cut off by playing with my kids for the next hour in the pool!

Another great week, excited for more training and laughing with my kids along the way. St. Patrick’s Day Dash in Snoqualmie here I come!

Today I ran in my underwear…

So, today I ran in my underwear. It was Cupid’s Undie Run in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood- one of the few which would not have protests regarding a bunch of people running around in their underwear! It was hilarous and so much fun!

Running in your underwear, cold, humbling and hilarious

What I learned today:

1    Fashion Tape can make any decent underwire bra work as a decent jog bra for a SHORT run.

2     Underwear runs are much more popular with 20-year-olds interested in drinking BEFORE they run

(not that this was a surprise mind you- just fun to watch)

3     I was not too old to run fast, not so worried about my self image to care if I looked perfect in my silly outfit, and knew enough to come with friends!

4     Regular nylon stockings keep you pretty warm and might be a good idea for a longer, cold run I want to wear shorts, but am concerned about being cold!

5     It felt good to go run for a cause and have a good laugh while we were at it!

And finally, this was training of a different sort, you see I know there will be moments in the Tough Mudder where I will feel VERY humble, this was an excellent training exercise in humility!