Communication Errors

Uniforms, Tax Returns and Storytelling

After reading Peggy Noonan’s “A Remedial Communications Class” (

I was struck with the following thought- FINALLY- someone is articulating what has been going through my mind regarding the media lately.

Here are the points she made which truly resonated with me:

  • Having our Olympic team’s uniforms made in China was only half the problem- the other half was they looked like high fashion runway rejects in the end.
  • Mitt Romney should have been more proactive in handling his tax returns since 2007 when he was being looked at as a Presidential running mate so now he would have no qualms about turning them over.
  • President Obama needs to think before he speaks- here are two quotes from her article which make the point best:

” Feel guilty because your hard-working neighbors built that road.” How about nobody feel guilty?”

” The mistake of my first couple of years was thinking that this job was just about getting the policy right,m but you know

the nature of this office is also to tell a story to the American people that gives them a sense of unity and purpose and optimism.”

She continues with “I am certain the president has no idea how patronizing he sounds. His job is to tell us a story?”

Finally she mentions the narrative which seems to be happening in this country and I loved this:

“The narrative on the president right now is: He’s not a bad guy, but it hasn’t worked.”

Thanks for a great article Ms. Noonan!

Worst run in 10 years!

So, for all the runs I have taken in the last 10 years yesterday was the worst! Whether it was the food I ate for lunch, going in the early afternoon (not my normal time), the heat or something else. Yesterday’s 8 miles were the worst ever!

Now that I have that out I am still glad I went and didn’t quit. Days like yesterday remind me of why I love to run and make me appreciate all the runs that feel good.

You see, I love to run, love the meditative time I get and enjoy seeing where I live on foot. It gives me time to sort through things some days, time to not think on others. Either way running is something I have always loved.

So for all the days you may go out and your run stinks like mine did yesterday- use it like I do, to appreciate all the runs that DON’T!

Marathon- Starting training for my first

So, this year started with an amazing goal, to do the Tough Mudder in Whistler in June. Then my main support for my training was GONE for when I needed to ramp up my training! Sidelined by life- when something has to give the training for this was it.

I was feeling a bit bitter and jealous of anyone who got to do it!

How did I get to the Marathon?

First- I have wanted to do a marathon for some time.

Second- An amazing friend, Cheri Fiorucci, who writes on blogspot “the world through my shoes”, inspires me. She has run many marathons and helped me realize I could too!

Third- I got inspired. I went to a function back in May for the Ben Towne Foundation- and left inspired and committed to making a real difference with this charity. As I started combing their site I saw they had a team for the Portland Marathon- so this week I started. I am scared I won’t be ready but I will do my best and I am so excited to help increase awareness for the Ben Towne Foundation!

Wish me luck!