Worst run in 10 years!

So, for all the runs I have taken in the last 10 years yesterday was the worst! Whether it was the food I ate for lunch, going in the early afternoon (not my normal time), the heat or something else. Yesterday’s 8 miles were the worst ever!

Now that I have that out I am still glad I went and didn’t quit. Days like yesterday remind me of why I love to run and make me appreciate all the runs that feel good.

You see, I love to run, love the meditative time I get and enjoy seeing where I live on foot. It gives me time to sort through things some days, time to not think on others. Either way running is something I have always loved.

So for all the days you may go out and your run stinks like mine did yesterday- use it like I do, to appreciate all the runs that DON’T!

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