Saris in the park on a journey to 10,000 steps

Saris in the park on a journey to 10,000 steps.



Snapshots of another land,

strolling through ours.

Finding rest,

relaxing on an evening walk.

Curry in the air,


bringing my body and heart back in line.

Setting a gaugue,



Planning through age 112,

Adventures by the decade.

10,000 steps now brings strength,

laughter as I balance my way up the street.

So I can fly again.

The funnest part of my walk- the balancing

The funnest part of my walk- the balancing

Hot Yoga, Humility and Falling On My A@@

Hot Yoga

I love Hot Yoga- I live East of Seattle so this should be no shock. My greatest frustration in living here is spending much of the year cold and wet. Hot Yoga has saved me from doing all my workouts on the treadmill or outside. While I love running outside there are days I crave nothing more than to just feel warm, you know- that lizard lying on a rock warm? Hot Yoga does that for me. It also loosens up my muscles and gets me centered. If you haven’t been- GO!


Now the thing about where I go for Hot Yoga is the teacher is incredible. Carina Terra of Terra Yoga in Issaquah– has a way of helping you move towards more difficult poses- teaches you some of the balance and invites you to try. It isn’t a competition, she recognized everyone is at a different level, but she always invites you to try. Today, I tried, and surprised myself by doing something- an arm balance I can’t remember the name of- and almost did it, then promptly….

Fell On My A@@!

So while my sweaty fall from the crazy arm balance I have NEVER tried before was not too painful physically, my pride, as always was a little bruised. Thankfully Carina didn’t laugh when I fell and I didn’t take out anyone else on my way down!

Fashion, Fun and Finishing a Marathon

Fashion:I went to the Ruby Room fundraiser on Saturday night, only to find the designer I had just clipped her photo from a magazine because I loved what she was doing and wanted to meet her, featured in the show!

Tina’s Gowns on the Ruby Room Runway

Tina Witherspoon is so talented. Her design concepts are full of whimsy and absolutely feminine! I love her work and all she is doing with using recycled materials. A woman after my heart- I made my first gown recycled gown in 1985- and I am now motivated to step back into designing again- all thanks to Tina Witherspoon and the Ruby Room.

You see I used to have a reason to make myself and my friends formal gowns regularly, my husband was in the military and there were one or two formal dress occasions a year and it was heaven for me. I always had a reason to sew. Well, he is no longer in the military and we live in Seattle the town known for its causal attire. However, Prom and homecoming live on as does the fashion scene. So my goal is to get my gowns on the Ruby Room runway for their fundraiser next year.

I will post gown photos as they progress, have a LOT of work to do between now and even the first gown, but putting it down here is exciting.

Fun: Ruby Room Runway- filling my mind with ideas, designs and models…..

Finishing a Marathon:Back in July I put up my goal to run a marathon and I was going to run the Portland Marathon for the Ben Towne foundation. Well, the week before the Portland Marathon I was going online to print up what I needed for the next weekend, only to discover my registration never went through!

At the finish line!

So, I scrambled and found that there was a marathon the next day where I went to school, Bellingham, so I grabbed my kids and we raced to Bellingham, praying the race wasn’t full.

We didn’t know where we would sleep (though we have family and friends we couldn’t reach them before we were on the road North) or if I was even running the race the next day. We got there at 4:30 p.m., registration closing at 6 p.m. and I got registration # 590. I found out later that the marathon was limited to 600 registrants and they filled it- so I was 10 slots from not running. So that was it- I was signed up for the Bellingham Bay Marathon.

We ended up staying with Papa and Wendy, and it was wonderful!

The next day I went down to the race, it was cold waiting and I had what I hoped was all I needed. When I got on the bus to go to the start the song “Fireflies” was playing- this is one of my songs with the boys so it was like a small hello from them. I sat and talked to a nice gal who was working on qualifying for Boston that day.

When we got to the Lummi Community Center I took my time walking around, going to the bathroom, then settled down with a group, on the edge, and listened. Their shirts all read “Marathon Maniacs” and they were amazing. What a fun group to sit by, they were all talking about doing “50 by 50” or how many they had done this year, how many were left in the season and if they were planning on traveling to any. When I shared this was my first run and my story of reorganizing a the last-minute they laughed with me and wished me luck, saying I had chosen a great race anyway, with the prayer ceremony at the start and it wasn’t too big.

The race started, me with my trash bag around my shoulders for warmth I had to ask one of the other trash bag wearing runners what the etiquette was on ditching the bags.. he filled me in he always kept it until a water station- so that’s what I did- what a fun look I had going with it tied around my waist for a mile or two! Anyway I used tights for arm warmers, had my blue hat and my Ben Towne shirt on- I decided at the last-minute not to wear the tutu- though I will next time!

The weather was gorgeous and the run starting along the water was just what I wanted. We met up with the half-marathon runners at our mile 17 and their mile 4- and I promptly lost all the people I had been pacing in the crowd! Lucky for me I was still feeling GREAT. I had done so much reading about mile 20 being a bit of a magic number- where you are going to be hurting or good. I felt wonderful. So the fun part for me, you see I am a middle of the pack runner and most of the time when I run a race I set my pace and stay there. So I rarely pass anyone after the race settles in.

This race was different, as we met the half-marthon group at mile 4, the people who had not trained well were starting to slow down, so those were the ones I met. I got to spend the REST of the RACE PASSING PEOPLE! This, outside of feeling wonderful, was the best part of the race for me!

I ended up coming in at 4:26- faster than I expected- because I had figured I would slow down. I maintained a perfect 10 minute pace for the whole race! I was so blessed and my first race was perfect. The only flaw was I told my mum to meet me at the finish line at 5 hours, and I missed them by finishing early!

I will run another marathon, not sure when, will spend my winter designing, and going to the gym. Next fitness goal is placing in my age group- probably in the Snoqualmie St. Patrick’s Day 5K- hopefully it won’t snow in 2013 for that race like it did this year!

Pecking order of addictions

I come from a family with a history of alcoholism, I have been blessed with a high metabolism and love exercising- it is my vice- what I turn to when I need to work through something. I have always found hard work very cleansing and healing.

When I read this article this weekend it resonated with me- especially these two quotes:

“And there’s your pecking order of unhappiness, in a nutshell. Of all the overwhelming compulsions you can be ruined by, all of them have some potential for some perfected, self-destructive fascination except eating.”


“Perhaps it’s time for women to finally stop being secretive about their vices and instead start treating them like all other addicts treat their habits.”

America’s obsession with thin has always troubled and fascinated me. The effort to stay thin seems, on many levels, equal to the effort required to get fat. Anyone who has been overweight will tell you it didn’t happen overnight- and so will anyone who is fit will tell you- it didn’t happen overnight.

So why is it we still love shows like the Biggest Loser- like it is somehow a ticket to fame to get large enough to make it on a TV show to lose weight?

Frustrated that our world is so full of busy and full of food which is bad for us- we can hardly – as a good friend of mine said last week “Live like you give a damn!”

Think I will be taking this motto to heart this summer and remembering it when I look at the Cheezits!

Zumba, what ALL women NEED to learn to do with their hips!

Zumba, been hearing about it for ages, wondered what it was all about, but just hadn’t managed to get to a class. This

What we feel like when we Zumba!


weekend I was in Bellingham for my sister’s 50th Birthday weekend. We had the chance to attend a free Zumba class. It ended up being the five of us plus the instructor, so basically a private birthday party class! This is the first exercise class I have ever been to which uses both hip and rib isolations! Now the funny part was realizing all these different dance methods incorporated into one class and how bad we all were at moving our hips! I think all women should take Zumba to learn how to move their hips! If we do this maybe we will have healthier hips and maybe a better time in the bedroom!

Laughing at myself and loving what I learned this weekend!

My Tough Mudder Training Week #4

Hello again and here we are in week Four of my Tough Mudder Training!

Here is how the week went:

Monday- Kids had the day off so enjoyed relaxing at home!

Tuesday- Did a full round of Belton’s Medicine Ball workout.

Wednesday- Ran 3.5 miles and did set of 10 TRX pushup/mountainclimbers

Thursday- Rand 3.5 miles again and did abs.

Friday- CRAZY DAY, just did Yoga in the evening

Saturday- SO much fun, did Zumba today- that is a whole other post….

Sunday- Ran in Birch Bay, in the SNOW with my sister and sister-in-law, totally struggled today fighting a head cold and not having full lung capacity or enough clothes for running in the snow! Beautiful day though and great chance to run with family!

On to next week.

Week #3 of My Tough Mudder Training

So this week was good, and for some reason I seem to not get training done on Thursdays which has been my plan. Anyway- for accountability here we go-

Monday – Crazy day getting ready for kid’s mid-winter break.

Tuesday- Happy Valentine’s Day and ran 3 miles.

Wednesday- Crazy day and family visit so no workout

Thursday- Another family day so no workout

Friday- To the gym and ran 3.5 miles and did 1/2 a round of Belton’s workout. I ran at an 8:30 pace on the treadmill- smoking fast for me.

Saturday- Did one full round of Belton’s workout, except still can’t do the full 10 sets of TRX mountain climbers with a push up- keep dying on the push-up part.

Sunday- Ran 4 miles, it was colder than I expected and came home with numb hands. Ooof.

Overall a good week, weighed in at 154.8 at the gym, good number.


Tough Mudder Training Week #2

So, a little late getting this one done but here goes.

(Oh, special note and shoutout to runningthriver’s blog post about Tough Mudder people adding too much running- THANKS for that- realize my training plan has way more running than needed. However- please note if you are following my blog my SECONDARY goal for this year is to run my first marathon, so putting in the miles is building to a marathon in September in Bellingham, WA)

Last week was tough, I am finding I must constantly re-balance my week to maintain my training schedule. A good exercise and the week got sorted, so here goes.

Monday- Did one set of Belton’s Routine all the way through. AWESOME total body workout- thanks B.

Tuesday- Ran 3 miles

Wednesday- Nothing!

Thursday- was supposed to workout on this day but ended up with an insane day so pushed to Friday- also read PMS+wine= feeling more sane

Friday- Ran 3.1 miles and did half of Belton’s workout

Saturday- Ran in my underwear in Seattle for 1.5 miles and felt FAST. It was awesome, perhaps the lack of clothing helped the speed a bit!

Sunday- Ran 3.75 miles and did half of Belton’s routine after. Ooof.

Here is Belton’s workout again.

Belton Workout #2

Med Ball Burpee Complex

–  Slam once, Burpee once     Slam twice Burpee twice then 3x etc. go to 10

Barbell Complex

–  Adjust weight.  One exercise movement flows to the next

–  Barbell Clean

–  Barbell Front Squat

–  Barbell Push PRess

–  Barbell Bent Over Row

–  2 Cleans, 2 BB Front Squat, 2 BB Push Press, 2 Bent Over rows,

–  3 etc and on to 5 and then BACK DOWN to 1

2 sets of Mountain Climber / Pushup Combo WITH the TRX cables

–  10 mountain Climbers and then One Pushup

–  Repeat ten times.  Total of 100 mountain climbers and 10 Pushups


–  Choose 3 ab exercises and repeat those three 3 sets 20 reps each.

Today I ran in my underwear…

So, today I ran in my underwear. It was Cupid’s Undie Run in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood- one of the few which would not have protests regarding a bunch of people running around in their underwear! It was hilarous and so much fun!

Running in your underwear, cold, humbling and hilarious

What I learned today:

1    Fashion Tape can make any decent underwire bra work as a decent jog bra for a SHORT run.

2     Underwear runs are much more popular with 20-year-olds interested in drinking BEFORE they run

(not that this was a surprise mind you- just fun to watch)

3     I was not too old to run fast, not so worried about my self image to care if I looked perfect in my silly outfit, and knew enough to come with friends!

4     Regular nylon stockings keep you pretty warm and might be a good idea for a longer, cold run I want to wear shorts, but am concerned about being cold!

5     It felt good to go run for a cause and have a good laugh while we were at it!

And finally, this was training of a different sort, you see I know there will be moments in the Tough Mudder where I will feel VERY humble, this was an excellent training exercise in humility!

The Starting Line

Top 5 Quotes to get you through your NEXT workout…

1 Taken from runningthriver on the 12th….

The Starting Line

The image in my head when I start a run, any run

       Train like your Stronger, Fitter, Evil-Twin is plotting to KILL You!

2  For those of you know know me this is SO good- train harder = good!

 If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard, you’ll be hard to beat. ~Hershel Walker –
and Belton Lubas’ Gym Wall!
3 For the races I am aiming to win, I keep the people in the mascot suits in mind to beat!
Show me a guy who’s afraid to look bad and I’ll show you a guy you can beat every time. C. Brock
(Damn those guys in mascot suits can run fast sometimes!)
4  For all those runs you think about skipping-
Success is following through when the moment of inspiration has left you. Rita Davenport
5 For the days you need to feel humble and grateful-
Every cancer patient you have ever heard of or known,
would give almost anything,
to be you,
healthy, strong and able to go work out. TC