Hot Yoga, Humility and Falling On My A@@

Hot Yoga

I love Hot Yoga- I live East of Seattle so this should be no shock. My greatest frustration in living here is spending much of the year cold and wet. Hot Yoga has saved me from doing all my workouts on the treadmill or outside. While I love running outside there are days I crave nothing more than to just feel warm, you know- that lizard lying on a rock warm? Hot Yoga does that for me. It also loosens up my muscles and gets me centered. If you haven’t been- GO!


Now the thing about where I go for Hot Yoga is the teacher is incredible. Carina Terra of Terra Yoga in Issaquah– has a way of helping you move towards more difficult poses- teaches you some of the balance and invites you to try. It isn’t a competition, she recognized everyone is at a different level, but she always invites you to try. Today, I tried, and surprised myself by doing something- an arm balance I can’t remember the name of- and almost did it, then promptly….

Fell On My A@@!

So while my sweaty fall from the crazy arm balance I have NEVER tried before was not too painful physically, my pride, as always was a little bruised. Thankfully Carina didn’t laugh when I fell and I didn’t take out anyone else on my way down!

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