Small words, big impact.

downloadYou get what you focus on in this world. Focus on frustration, it shows up, focus on joy, it will show up too in equal force. Not every day do you get what you want, that is what faith is for. Faith will get you through and I am not talking necessarily about faith in a certain god. I am talking about faith in yourself and the world around you. The world is out to do you good, not bad; the world is conspiring to help you, not hurt you.

Today you might be sick, tired, grieving, frustrated, hollow, lonely or all of the above, but take a moment, celebrate you are HERE, breathing! You have the power to do good for someone else, a quick text, a phone call, a note to someone you care about telling them a fond memory, something you appreciate that they did for you? Take a moment to make someone smile. Sometimes it is the smallest thing that can make the biggest impact.

I wanted to share a small moment which made a big impact with you to remind you how small something can feel and what a huge impact it can make. I saw a friend of mine a few years back, one I had known since elementary school, and we were at her house having a small party. It was there I overheard her, telling one of the other guests how we knew each other. She told a story of how she had overheard me describing her, in detail to someone. I had been telling one of my friends how beautiful I thought she was, how her hair was black, but had blue highlights and how her skin was the most lovely shade. I had no idea she overheard me, but she was telling her guest that that was the first moment in her life she truly felt beautiful. My description changed how she thought of herself when she looked in the mirror every day. That ripple I made had power for her and was still impacting her 25 years later, you have done this for someone, has someone done this for you that you should tell? It just might make their year. Go share the moment that changed you with the person who did it- they probably have no idea how much of an impact they made!

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