Tough Mudder weeks 7&8 I got a PR in the SNOW!

Ok, the last two weeks have been putting my dedication to the test. Crazy schedules, changes, WET, COLD weather and the like!

Beauty and the Cold….we ran and ran…
Off of by Marcus74

March 12-18- Good week, got my set in on Monday, Ran on Wednesday 4+ miles, Roller Skated for 2 hours on Friday- yes you read it right- and it was a blast- made me miss competing! Followed Saturday with a PR on the 5K St Patrick’s Day run in Snoqualmie! On this run I was cold, my feet were numb for half the run, and my Ipod shut off because it got too cold- and I STILL got a PR of 27:43- Totally awesome! I was also SO proud of my eldest son for doing this run despite the snow and cold- he worked SO hard and it paid off.

Last wee- from the 19th-25th-

Did on set on Monday, Ran 4 miles and did a set on Wednesday, worked in my yard for 2 hours on Thursday and had a ROCKIN run on Sunday 6.5 miles strong and almost ran my entire hill without stopping- trust me if you saw the hill I was talking about you would be impressed!

Loving the payoff of eight weeks of steady running- spending the next two weeks doing Paleo, some fasting, and the Litvinov workout with a kettle bell- so if you see me swinging a kettle bell and then running away from it- don’t worry I will be back- again- and again -and again- so cheer me on!

F*#K the Goody Bag!

OK, if you know me, swearing is not off limits- I just read this article and it got me going.

Obviously the people at the Seattle Times didn’t READ the article they put the photo with- the photo of a store in New York (ugh) called Doodle Doos- DEDICATED to children’s birthday party favors. Now why was this photo wrong for the article? The article is talking about how the trend of children’s goody bags have gotten out of hand! And you feature a STORE for goody bags! UGH!!!!

Since when are kids goody bags supposed to rival what adults get at conventions... cute bag though- image from them

This trend has bugged me since my eldest started going to parties  and the bags keep getting bigger. When he was young I decided if I was going to do this whole “send them home with something” routine I would make is special, and not something expensive or cheesy! For one of my son’s parties I sewed Harry Potter hats for everyone (total cost about $20 and 2 hours) another one I made capes for everyone (also total cost about $20 and 2 hours). These were fun gifts the kids used at the party and then got to take home to play with for a long time and wouldn’t end up in the garbage.

I love to have birthday parties at my home, it gives me a chance to meet the kids I hear about outside of the highly structured “playdate.” It is amazing to me how we have made everything need a goody bag, prize, award or something else. What ever happened to thank you for coming?

OK, rant done, glad I don’t live where a goody-bag store can actually stay in business! Or do I……

My Tough Mudder Week 6 More Struggle!

So last week was another crazy week- great on lots of fronts but my hubby was away so managing the house solo is always different and it showed up in my workouts.

Last week I..

Monday- Did a great session from Belton and got a killer workout

Tuesday- Nada!

Wednesday went to the gym, ran 3 miles and then did half of a Belton set!

Thursday- Nada!

Friday- Again- Nada!

Saturday- you guessed it Nada!

Sunday- Had my BEST 5 3/4 mile run yet! The last six weeks of building up my base in running has really started to pay off! On Saturday I am running a 5K and I am shooting for PR of under 30 minutes – if you just laughed at how slow I am – stop reading!

Anyway, I am excited, my older son is running the 5k too, my younger is doing the 1k and my amazing hubby is supporting our youngest- AWESOME- and when we are done we will get food!

SLACKER~ Almost! My Tough Mudder Week 5

So this week I was almost a total slacker! Why? Well my Sunday run last weekend with my sister-in-law in the SNOW in Birch Bay with the beginning of a cold slowed me down. I chose to take a few days off and see if my body sorted its way through the head cold- thankfully it did. With a little Arbonne Get Well Soon, sleep and good food I finally felt better by Friday- but didn’t get back to running until Saturday.

So my training for this week was pretty simple-

Strong 5-mile run on Saturday

Solid 3.6 mile run cut short by the headache induced by the guy who got on the machine next to me RIGHT after he put on his cologne! I made up for the early cut off by playing with my kids for the next hour in the pool!

Another great week, excited for more training and laughing with my kids along the way. St. Patrick’s Day Dash in Snoqualmie here I come!