Get up!


Trinity GET UP

Get up! Trinity says it to herself at the bottom of the stairs, before we even know who she is or what is happening we care and want her to get away! I’m hooked and I want her to make it to the phone booth! I feel like the people around me have been doing that for me, reminding me to get up and make it to the proverbial phone booth.

The moment I was thinking of today was when our friend, Joanna, came to visit. You see my mom died, we knew it was coming, but it didn’t make it any easier, and I was lost. I was in a fog and just going through the motions when she called asking if they could come visit. I wanted her and her lovely daughter to come visit, it was close to Halloween and we knew it was a chance not to be missed so we said yes. Our son and Katya were only a year apart in age and our youngest was only one, I had some childcare arranged so we were able to do a few things with the older kids, ride the ducks etc. but the moment I remember, was my stairwell moment.

The two older kids were at school for the day and my youngest was in childcare, a rare moment for me to get away and we went clothes shopping. My mom had always taken me clothes shopping, so my heart was heavy that day when we went. We went to the store and had a lovely time. I chose a few things I wanted to try on, as did Joanna and we went into dressing rooms next to one another. As we were trying on clothes I put on a lovely sweater and looked in the mirror. When I did I was shocked, in my daze of grief, hostess and busy, I had left the house looking completely awful. I made a noise something like “oh NO” and Joanna asked if I was ok. When I commented I had just realized how awful I looked she said in her beautiful accent “Oh Thank God, I hadn’t wanted to say anything.” She was such an amazing friend to me in that moment and I will never forget it. She told me with love and gentleness I needed to at the very least make sure I looked in the mirror before I left was so wonderful. Her friendship was an immeasurable gift to me that day. She also ended up getting me a lovely scarf that day, in my favorite color, it is a piece I wear and treasure every winter. After 14 years that scarf makes me smile and reminds me the day my friend reminded me to take care of me. Thank you Jo.

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