About Me

Yes, she is CUTE!

My name is Tracy and I live in Redmond with my amazing husband, kids and our Boston Terrier who seems more a blend of a pig and a cat than a dog!

I love quotes which inspire me or make me laugh.

We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are. ~Max de Pree

One thought on “About Me

  1. Sue,
    Thanks so much for your generous offer! Sadly I have enough screen time as it is and logging my runs on map my run is about all I need.
    I truly appreciate your offer and think what you are doing is a great idea, but it is probably better suited for someone younger (though I am only in my 40s…sigh) I didn’t grow up with a cell phone or video games, so they just aren’t part of how I think of weight loss or exercise- it just seems like one more thing to do after I work out.
    I would guess your demographic is solidly in the GenY department.
    Hope this helps! Good luck and keep me posted how it goes. Rooting for your amazing success.
    (You might reach out to Romel Acda or Belton Lubas at Element 5 Fitness in Kirkland, WA- they might be interested or have volunteers.)

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