Loving “Why French Parents Are Superior” in WSJ from 2/4/2012!!!!!

Here is the link to the article-


So here goes- I have long been in awe of how many American parents lives change at the whims of their children. I feel I live in an area where children’s needs are always thought of first. Few couples I know put a date night on a higher priority list than shuttling their kids to yet another sporting event.

On to the article- I love the French Lessons part of this article where they mention the AMAZING (yes read sarcasm here) concept of manners. When she talks about the “Big Eyes” – I remember my Mom had those- she could stop me in my tracks with those eyes. Now when they mention only one snack a day, I am guilty of violating this one but I believe we should eat more often to support stable blood sugar levels.

If you read any part of this article- skip to the end where her French friend gives her a lesson in how to say No  and mean it! I would love to have Frederique by my side on many days reminding me how to make sure my “No” is coming as the author says, “brimming with conviction”! Love it!