SLACKER~ Almost! My Tough Mudder Week 5

So this week I was almost a total slacker! Why? Well my Sunday run last weekend with my sister-in-law in the SNOW in Birch Bay with the beginning of a cold slowed me down. I chose to take a few days off and see if my body sorted its way through the head cold- thankfully it did. With a little Arbonne Get Well Soon, sleep and good food I finally felt better by Friday- but didn’t get back to running until Saturday.

So my training for this week was pretty simple-

Strong 5-mile run on Saturday

Solid 3.6 mile run cut short by the headache induced by the guy who got on the machine next to me RIGHT after he put on his cologne! I made up for the early cut off by playing with my kids for the next hour in the pool!

Another great week, excited for more training and laughing with my kids along the way. St. Patrick’s Day Dash in Snoqualmie here I come!

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