Tough Mudder Training Week #2

So, a little late getting this one done but here goes.

(Oh, special note and shoutout to runningthriver’s blog post about Tough Mudder people adding too much running- THANKS for that- realize my training plan has way more running than needed. However- please note if you are following my blog my SECONDARY goal for this year is to run my first marathon, so putting in the miles is building to a marathon in September in Bellingham, WA)

Last week was tough, I am finding I must constantly re-balance my week to maintain my training schedule. A good exercise and the week got sorted, so here goes.

Monday- Did one set of Belton’s Routine all the way through. AWESOME total body workout- thanks B.

Tuesday- Ran 3 miles

Wednesday- Nothing!

Thursday- was supposed to workout on this day but ended up with an insane day so pushed to Friday- also read PMS+wine= feeling more sane

Friday- Ran 3.1 miles and did half of Belton’s workout

Saturday- Ran in my underwear in Seattle for 1.5 miles and felt FAST. It was awesome, perhaps the lack of clothing helped the speed a bit!

Sunday- Ran 3.75 miles and did half of Belton’s routine after. Ooof.

Here is Belton’s workout again.

Belton Workout #2

Med Ball Burpee Complex

–  Slam once, Burpee once     Slam twice Burpee twice then 3x etc. go to 10

Barbell Complex

–  Adjust weight.  One exercise movement flows to the next

–  Barbell Clean

–  Barbell Front Squat

–  Barbell Push PRess

–  Barbell Bent Over Row

–  2 Cleans, 2 BB Front Squat, 2 BB Push Press, 2 Bent Over rows,

–  3 etc and on to 5 and then BACK DOWN to 1

2 sets of Mountain Climber / Pushup Combo WITH the TRX cables

–  10 mountain Climbers and then One Pushup

–  Repeat ten times.  Total of 100 mountain climbers and 10 Pushups


–  Choose 3 ab exercises and repeat those three 3 sets 20 reps each.

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