Sibling Insanity

My Bro by Parnassus Books in Ketchikan

So Sibling Insanity is what I thought about today at the pool. I took my boys to the pool and there were two other boys there, about the same age difference as mine. The striking difference was the older brother wanted nothing more than to fill my ears with how lousy his little brother was. One of the things I have always stressed with my boys is their relationship is something they choose to build or destroy. They can make it amazing or miserable and it is their CHOICE. I am so proud of them and how good they are to one another. It is amazing to me how few parents remind their kids that when the parents are gone the siblings are what is left. If you don’t take time to build the relationships there won’t be much to stand on.

Watching them and thinking about this got me thinking about my brother. My brother and I are closer in age than my boys and we went through a lot together. While we still occasionally drive one another crazy he is one person I trust completely and am thankful for every day. He was always right there beside me through many travel adventures and some scary ones too. His steadfastness and loyalty have always made me proud. Whether it was riding a ferry in Alaska through a storm where most of the adults were puking and the postcard racks just kept crashing over to navigating the challenges of college to being the one brave enough to pray for and be thankful for mercy sitting at our dying mother’s bedside I got lucky with my brother, he is truly amazing and a blessing to this world. Thank you for it all.

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