Week #3 of My Tough Mudder Training

So this week was good, and for some reason I seem to not get training done on Thursdays which has been my plan. Anyway- for accountability here we go-

Monday – Crazy day getting ready for kid’s mid-winter break.

Tuesday- Happy Valentine’s Day and ran 3 miles.

Wednesday- Crazy day and family visit so no workout

Thursday- Another family day so no workout

Friday- To the gym and ran 3.5 miles and did 1/2 a round of Belton’s workout. I ran at an 8:30 pace on the treadmill- smoking fast for me.

Saturday- Did one full round of Belton’s workout, except still can’t do the full 10 sets of TRX mountain climbers with a push up- keep dying on the push-up part.

Sunday- Ran 4 miles, it was colder than I expected and came home with numb hands. Ooof.

Overall a good week, weighed in at 154.8 at the gym, good number.


My Tough Mudder Training Week One

So, this was my first official training week for the Tough Mudder in June near Whistler, B.C. Here is what I did and how it went.

Monday- did 1 set of the Tough Mudder Exercise card (see other post) 30 seconds on all- 60 on several others- plank and single arm Kettle Bell Swings.

Tuesday- Ran 3 miles

Saturday- Ran 3.2 miles and then 1 round of exercises listed below (however after a run I did less so 4 sets of Mountain Climbers and only to 7 on the Med Ball Slams)

Sunday- Ran 3.5 miles and then 5 of the Mountain Climber sets and 40 sit ups with a 25 lb medicine ball.

Here is my workout card for the week supplied by Belton Lubas of Element 5 Fitness in Kirkland, Wa. I will be doing this workout tomorrow with no run beforehand- see if I can make it all the way through.

Med Ball Burpee Complex

–  Slam once, Burpee once
–  Slam twice Burpee twice
–  Slam 3……etc etc etc
–  Go to 10
Barbell Complex
–  Adjust the weight to accommodate for this complex.  One exercise movement goes to the next
–  Barbell Clean
–  Barbell Front Squat
–  Barbell Push PRess
–  Barbell Bent Over Row
–  2 Cleans, 2 BB Front Squat, 2 BB Push Press, 2 Bent Over rows,
–  3 etc and on to 5 and then BACK DOWN to 1
2 sets of Mountain Climber / Pushup Combo WITH the TRX suspension cables
–  10 mountain Climbers and then One Pushup
–  Repeat ten times.  That would make a total of 100 mountain climbers and Ten Pushup