My Tough Mudder Training Week One

So, this was my first official training week for the Tough Mudder in June near Whistler, B.C. Here is what I did and how it went.

Monday- did 1 set of the Tough Mudder Exercise card (see other post) 30 seconds on all- 60 on several others- plank and single arm Kettle Bell Swings.

Tuesday- Ran 3 miles

Saturday- Ran 3.2 miles and then 1 round of exercises listed below (however after a run I did less so 4 sets of Mountain Climbers and only to 7 on the Med Ball Slams)

Sunday- Ran 3.5 miles and then 5 of the Mountain Climber sets and 40 sit ups with a 25 lb medicine ball.

Here is my workout card for the week supplied by Belton Lubas of Element 5 Fitness in Kirkland, Wa. I will be doing this workout tomorrow with no run beforehand- see if I can make it all the way through.

Med Ball Burpee Complex

–  Slam once, Burpee once
–  Slam twice Burpee twice
–  Slam 3……etc etc etc
–  Go to 10
Barbell Complex
–  Adjust the weight to accommodate for this complex.  One exercise movement goes to the next
–  Barbell Clean
–  Barbell Front Squat
–  Barbell Push PRess
–  Barbell Bent Over Row
–  2 Cleans, 2 BB Front Squat, 2 BB Push Press, 2 Bent Over rows,
–  3 etc and on to 5 and then BACK DOWN to 1
2 sets of Mountain Climber / Pushup Combo WITH the TRX suspension cables
–  10 mountain Climbers and then One Pushup
–  Repeat ten times.  That would make a total of 100 mountain climbers and Ten Pushup

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