Imperfect Paleo and other thoughts

So this week for Tough Mudder was fun and had great highlights!

Here is the concept of Paleo in a nutshell

I ran one day and decided to spice it up this week with a Hot Yoga class on Saturday. That class was amazing. My run on Sunday my body felt totally different. My shoulders were loose and my stride was much smoother. I ran 8 strong miles instead of the 7 I planned. It was a great workout and many thanks go to Terra Yoga in Issaquah, WA for that class. I will now be adding Hot Yoga to my routine on a regular basis.

This week will have 4 runs in it and the Mud & Chocolate race on Saturday. Looking for another good time and this one in the mud. Should be great fun.

Just fyi I stink at the Paleo diet- so I am doing what I refer to as modified Paleo- which equals Paleo all day with one “cheat” per day. So I can eat one thing a day which is off the Paleo diet. This has kept me sane, not made much difference in my weight- not that I expected it to, but it has made it easier to improve what I am eating without constantly saying No to all the bad stuff. I get to say “Yes” once a day and that seems to be fitting just great.

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