Today I ran in my underwear…

So, today I ran in my underwear. It was Cupid’s Undie Run in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood- one of the few which would not have protests regarding a bunch of people running around in their underwear! It was hilarous and so much fun!

Running in your underwear, cold, humbling and hilarious

What I learned today:

1    Fashion Tape can make any decent underwire bra work as a decent jog bra for a SHORT run.

2     Underwear runs are much more popular with 20-year-olds interested in drinking BEFORE they run

(not that this was a surprise mind you- just fun to watch)

3     I was not too old to run fast, not so worried about my self image to care if I looked perfect in my silly outfit, and knew enough to come with friends!

4     Regular nylon stockings keep you pretty warm and might be a good idea for a longer, cold run I want to wear shorts, but am concerned about being cold!

5     It felt good to go run for a cause and have a good laugh while we were at it!

And finally, this was training of a different sort, you see I know there will be moments in the Tough Mudder where I will feel VERY humble, this was an excellent training exercise in humility!

The Starting Line

Top 5 Quotes to get you through your NEXT workout…

1 Taken from runningthriver on the 12th….

The Starting Line

The image in my head when I start a run, any run

       Train like your Stronger, Fitter, Evil-Twin is plotting to KILL You!

2  For those of you know know me this is SO good- train harder = good!

 If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard, you’ll be hard to beat. ~Hershel Walker –
and Belton Lubas’ Gym Wall!
3 For the races I am aiming to win, I keep the people in the mascot suits in mind to beat!
Show me a guy who’s afraid to look bad and I’ll show you a guy you can beat every time. C. Brock
(Damn those guys in mascot suits can run fast sometimes!)
4  For all those runs you think about skipping-
Success is following through when the moment of inspiration has left you. Rita Davenport
5 For the days you need to feel humble and grateful-
Every cancer patient you have ever heard of or known,
would give almost anything,
to be you,
healthy, strong and able to go work out. TC

My Tough Mudder Training Week One

So, this was my first official training week for the Tough Mudder in June near Whistler, B.C. Here is what I did and how it went.

Monday- did 1 set of the Tough Mudder Exercise card (see other post) 30 seconds on all- 60 on several others- plank and single arm Kettle Bell Swings.

Tuesday- Ran 3 miles

Saturday- Ran 3.2 miles and then 1 round of exercises listed below (however after a run I did less so 4 sets of Mountain Climbers and only to 7 on the Med Ball Slams)

Sunday- Ran 3.5 miles and then 5 of the Mountain Climber sets and 40 sit ups with a 25 lb medicine ball.

Here is my workout card for the week supplied by Belton Lubas of Element 5 Fitness in Kirkland, Wa. I will be doing this workout tomorrow with no run beforehand- see if I can make it all the way through.

Med Ball Burpee Complex

–  Slam once, Burpee once
–  Slam twice Burpee twice
–  Slam 3……etc etc etc
–  Go to 10
Barbell Complex
–  Adjust the weight to accommodate for this complex.  One exercise movement goes to the next
–  Barbell Clean
–  Barbell Front Squat
–  Barbell Push PRess
–  Barbell Bent Over Row
–  2 Cleans, 2 BB Front Squat, 2 BB Push Press, 2 Bent Over rows,
–  3 etc and on to 5 and then BACK DOWN to 1
2 sets of Mountain Climber / Pushup Combo WITH the TRX suspension cables
–  10 mountain Climbers and then One Pushup
–  Repeat ten times.  That would make a total of 100 mountain climbers and Ten Pushup

Loving “Why French Parents Are Superior” in WSJ from 2/4/2012!!!!!

Here is the link to the article-

So here goes- I have long been in awe of how many American parents lives change at the whims of their children. I feel I live in an area where children’s needs are always thought of first. Few couples I know put a date night on a higher priority list than shuttling their kids to yet another sporting event.

On to the article- I love the French Lessons part of this article where they mention the AMAZING (yes read sarcasm here) concept of manners. When she talks about the “Big Eyes” – I remember my Mom had those- she could stop me in my tracks with those eyes. Now when they mention only one snack a day, I am guilty of violating this one but I believe we should eat more often to support stable blood sugar levels.

If you read any part of this article- skip to the end where her French friend gives her a lesson in how to say No  and mean it! I would love to have Frederique by my side on many days reminding me how to make sure my “No” is coming as the author says, “brimming with conviction”! Love it!

I love my Dentist

OK, seriously I love going to my dentist, I was actually excited to go get a cavity fixed on Thursday. You are probably thinking I’m nuts so here is a bit of my story.

When I was little I was convinced my dentist was a vampire. I am sure the black hair, fair skin and pointy chin helped too, but my experiences there were many. Now from an adult perspective he was a great dentist, consistent, did good work, was kind and had a great staff that gave out cool little prizes etc. However I spent my fair share of time in his chair getting cavities filled and dreaded going to get my teeth cleaned, because it invariably led to another round there getting a filling. As I have come to learn your teeth are great or not due to your genetics. Not that this should be such a shocker, but my husband has perfect teeth- no cavities, ever, color me jealous.

So back to my dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Files in Redmond by the way, he is awesome! I was in and out of his office in 45 minutes last Thursday. His staff welcomes me and they are wonderful people, just like him. Now, why am I writing this except to praise my awesome dentist? I am writing to share a bit of what my children have shared- the last time I took one to Dr. Files and not the other, the one who didn’t go was JEALOUS! Jealous because of missing out on the experience of receiving respect and appreciation! There is no fear, no apprehension, no distrust and yes they have both had more than just a cleaning from him. Dr. makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and truly cared for. He truly cares about his patients and it shows in all he does.

OK, just checked in with my son and I asked him how he would describe Dr. Files and he said FUN! Love it!

I am so happy to have a dentist, which is starting my children’s lives off without dentist/vampire nightmares! Thank you Dr. Files because when I tell my kids they have an appointment with you they usually cheer!

Tough Mudder Exercise Card

Here is the card I am taking to the gym for my “rounds”

Rotating Push-Ups (on dumbbells, rotating at the top- create a T)

2 Single Arm Kettle Bell Swings           

3 Jump Lunge w/scissor kicks (lunge L, jump, scissor kick, land R )

4 Bent over Row                                             

 5 Side Lunge – With weights, side to side, touch weights to floor each rep

6 Push up with Row Push up on dumbbells, bring one up to your chest

 7 Twist Lunge Hold weight tight to your body, lunge forward

 8 Squat to Shoulder Press Weights on shoulders, squat, push up to arms fully extended.

9 Elevated legs Push Up  Elevate feet, do push up!

 10 Mountain Climbers In push up position, “run”, keep your butt down.                       

 11 Chin Up Pull ups, chest to the bar

 12 Plank Plank (forearms on the ground)tighten core prep for gut punch                       

 13 Side Plank Hold it!

 14 Exploding Dips! Dip, at peak, launch off bars, catch and repeat.

 15 Squat with weight Grab a weight, hold tight to chest, squat, hold, repeat.