Tough Mudder Exercise Card

Here is the card I am taking to the gym for my “rounds”

Rotating Push-Ups (on dumbbells, rotating at the top- create a T)

2 Single Arm Kettle Bell Swings           

3 Jump Lunge w/scissor kicks (lunge L, jump, scissor kick, land R )

4 Bent over Row                                             

 5 Side Lunge – With weights, side to side, touch weights to floor each rep

6 Push up with Row Push up on dumbbells, bring one up to your chest

 7 Twist Lunge Hold weight tight to your body, lunge forward

 8 Squat to Shoulder Press Weights on shoulders, squat, push up to arms fully extended.

9 Elevated legs Push Up  Elevate feet, do push up!

 10 Mountain Climbers In push up position, “run”, keep your butt down.                       

 11 Chin Up Pull ups, chest to the bar

 12 Plank Plank (forearms on the ground)tighten core prep for gut punch                       

 13 Side Plank Hold it!

 14 Exploding Dips! Dip, at peak, launch off bars, catch and repeat.

 15 Squat with weight Grab a weight, hold tight to chest, squat, hold, repeat.

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