I love my Dentist

OK, seriously I love going to my dentist, I was actually excited to go get a cavity fixed on Thursday. You are probably thinking I’m nuts so here is a bit of my story.

When I was little I was convinced my dentist was a vampire. I am sure the black hair, fair skin and pointy chin helped too, but my experiences there were many. Now from an adult perspective he was a great dentist, consistent, did good work, was kind and had a great staff that gave out cool little prizes etc. However I spent my fair share of time in his chair getting cavities filled and dreaded going to get my teeth cleaned, because it invariably led to another round there getting a filling. As I have come to learn your teeth are great or not due to your genetics. Not that this should be such a shocker, but my husband has perfect teeth- no cavities, ever, color me jealous.

So back to my dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Files in Redmond by the way, he is awesome! I was in and out of his office in 45 minutes last Thursday. His staff welcomes me and they are wonderful people, just like him. Now, why am I writing this except to praise my awesome dentist? I am writing to share a bit of what my children have shared- the last time I took one to Dr. Files and not the other, the one who didn’t go was JEALOUS! Jealous because of missing out on the experience of receiving respect and appreciation! There is no fear, no apprehension, no distrust and yes they have both had more than just a cleaning from him. Dr. makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and truly cared for. He truly cares about his patients and it shows in all he does.

OK, just checked in with my son and I asked him how he would describe Dr. Files and he said FUN! Love it!

I am so happy to have a dentist, which is starting my children’s lives off without dentist/vampire nightmares! Thank you Dr. Files because when I tell my kids they have an appointment with you they usually cheer!


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