Whispers of the past

I sit in my living room having the privilege to preview a show for my son, I look over at the Legos, the ones he built sit quietly now. A whisper of a chapter closing, so slowly and so quickly, all at once here and gone. I have the privilege to sit here and remember I was here for the laughter, the frustration and the tears. To hear the loud noises and now the whisper as they fade. Fade into the past, another moment recognized, just after, that it was the last time. img_4179So privileged to be here and to remember. Things I never thought would mean so much, do so every day. The gift my mom gave me when she left, was the one of treasuring every single day I wake up and get to be on this side. This side where I can see, feel, laugh, love, hug, all of it. I will not regret time passing for every day I have is another one to be grateful for, I know too many people who would have given anything so simply still be here.

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